Externship (Externado) Program

The boys and girls of the Externado program are between 6 years old and 11 years old, are living with their families of origin or support networks, however, they present situations of psychosocial risk and/or threat, which require of a process of institutional accompaniment and in-person support on an alternate day to the school day for 4 hours a day.

After their school days, participants may be affected by situations of violence, consumption of alcohol and/or psychoactive substances, accidents at home, child labor and/or begging, malnutrition, inappropriate use of technology, absence of school support, street context risks (shootings, homicides, robberies, gangs, recruitment by illegal groups, etc.).

In 2022, care was provided to 225 boys and girls, of which 125 graduated and 100 are active in the program.

Empowerment workshops and activities

The program’s activities with boys and girls were oriented in 2022 to the prevention and management of risk situations, group workshops were held focused on the acquisition and strengthening of new learning tools to identify and prevent psychosocial risks in their immediate environment, activate care routes and provide psychosocial support for the effective enjoyment of rights, promoting mental health and comprehensive development.

In the family process, support is provided to families, link networks, emotional references and in general to the people in the families in charge of caring for the children to strengthen care capacities, identify risks in the environment and strengthen factors. protectors to guarantee permanence in the family context, reducing or addressing the situations identified for entry into the protection measure.

The approach is carried out in an interdisciplinary manner with strengthening in health and nutrition, psychology, social work and pedagogical team.

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