Internship Program

The boys and girls who participate in the Casita de Belén boarding program are in a situation of threat associated with different forms of violence, abandonment, and/or negligence in their comprehensive protection. Some of the common characteristics they present are: absence of an identity document, incomplete vaccination schedule, lack of growth and development controls, health disorders such as malnutrition or medical diagnoses without attention, coming from families with a history such as consumption of psychoactive substances, violation due to irregular migration, domestic violence, high-risk social context and economic instability.

Due to the above, the boys and girls who enter the program present impairments in some spheres of their development that are manifested through the nutritional component, language, their socio-emotional, motor and cognitive skills, absence of schooling processes, high permanence on the streets and child labor, which affect adequate comprehensive development.

Where our boys and girls come from…

The families of the girls and boys are characterized by being, for the most part, single parents with female heads between the ages of 16 and 40, who live in different vulnerable sectors of the city of Cali, with a history of consumption of psychoactive substances , weaknesses in parenting skills, which leads to situations of neglect, incurring abuse in its different dimensions and in general in situations that threaten the integrity of boys and girls, this associated with the fact that the children’s family references count with life stories permeated by different types of abuse, extreme poverty, history of institutionalization, forced displacement, conflictive family dynamics and few guarantors of their rights.

The vast majority of income generation by these families refers to the informal economy (75%), however, unemployment rates are also reported (20%) and a low percentage has formal employment (5%). . Their level of education is, for the most part, basic primary and some high school. Likewise, the vast majority belong to strata 1 and 2.

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