Teaching Center Program

The Teaching Center provides quality educational opportunities for 191 girls and boys in grades walking through fifth, with a total of 64 students from the boarding program and 127 from the community of the sector, in commune 4 of Cali. Recognizing that we are facing a social situation that demands efforts, we gave priority to the healthy coexistence of our educational community, while we continue the educational process in an articulated work with the boarding program, education secretaries, directors, teachers and families. (Data from 2023)

“A quality education is one that allows all students to reach satisfactory levels of skills to develop their potential, participate in society on equal terms and perform satisfactorily in the productive sphere, regardless of their conditions or where they live. “This is a basic principle of equity and social justice.” Source: Ministry of Education – Guide No 34.

The year 2022 allowed the implementation of strategies to improve learning environments, use of ICT (Information and communications technology), increase in computer equipment in the systems room, the exchange of pedagogical experiences and teacher training, among many other actions to strengthen and improve educational practices.

Teaching Center Allies

Agreement with Comfandi, in the process of Promotion of reading.

• Caja Viajera loan.
• Carnaval del Libro Infantil participation.
• Estante mágico de Brasil. Process of strengthening reading and writing skills, resulting in the publication of an e-book authored by the girls and boys of the teaching center.

Universities: Space for internships and professional practices in the training of Bachelor’s Degrees and Psychology::
• Corporación Universitaria Antonio José Camacho.
• Escuelas Normales de Cali.

Government Entities:

Ministry of National Education.

District Education Secretariat, with their respective undersecretaries

Official Educational Institutions, which offer continuity in Basic Secondary education. They are Republica de Israel, Veinte de Julio